School Field Trip

We are now offering school field trips for all grades of elementary students. Read about what we have to offer with what we have available on our farm!


Learning Stations, with lunch: $12/student 

Learning Stations (kids bring own lunch):$8/student 

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Farm Animal Learning 

On our farm we have a horse and a donkey. As we can provide information on how to take care of these animals to make sure they have a healthy lifestyle, this can be very informative for your students!


Blueberry Planting Experiment 

As our farm first originated with you pick blueberries, we can provide the best information on the best way to plant and take care of blueberries. This can be very informative for your students!


Grow Your Own Flower

We are now adding on a you pick flower farm! We will provide each student with a flower, and all they need to plant the flower. Your students will be able to take this flower home with them to watch it grow! All heath tips will be provided on a sheet to take home with them!


Lunch Services 

We can provide a place for your students to bring their lunch and eat, or we can provide a place for them, as well as their lunch!

Why Should you Book a Field Trip With Driving Wind?

Hands On Experience 

Helps Kids Appreciate Nature

We apply our lessons to the real world to let your kids think in new ways!

Let's Work Together

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