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School Field Trip

We are now offering school field trips for all grades of elementary students. Read about what we have to offer with what we have available on our farm! 20 person minimum to book.  


Pricing varies depending on the group of people. Call our office to speak with the event coordinator for pricing!

Add on:$2.00 per person 6oz You Pick Blackberry container (available  to purchase upon arrival). 

Café will be open and offering additional food and beverages for purchase.

* A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. We are weather dependent, chances of rescheduling may occur at no cost.*

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Flower Education

Here at our farm we have a flower field. We will use our flowers as an educational experience for your students. Students will be provided with a planting experiment, and will take flower home to watch it grow!


Berry Education

Here at the farm, we produce our own Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries! We will use our years of experience to educate the students on how to grow, care for and harvest our berries.


Bee Education:

Here at the farm, we make locally sourced honey, and can provide kids with a informative presentation about bees, and their environment.


Lunch Services:

We offer lunches for field trips! Option 1: ham and cheese sandwich with a fruit snack, and bottled water.

Option 2: PBJ with snack cookies, and bottled water.

Why Should you Book a Field Trip With Driving Wind?

  1. Hands On Experience 

  2. Helps Kids Appreciate Nature

  3. We apply our lessons to the real world to let your kids think in new ways

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