Driving Wind Café

6410 Michigan Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268


Our Café 

Meet Johnna, café manager and Pastry Chef Rae!

The creative team behind and in front of the house. You can find one of them making specialty drinks, delicious coffee or pastries and savories almost every day. 


About The Driving Wind Café

Driving Wind Café is a rarity in the city of Indianapolis. Our café offers more than another coffee shop in a crowded food scene. We offer an all-inclusive experience of enjoying your delicious Crimson Cup Coffee on a farm setting in the proximity of the city. Yet, beyond coffee, we are one of the few shops where you can find seasonal offerings made with farm-grown ingredients.

pastry box.jpg
pastry box.jpg

We Make In House Items!

In addition to our fresh fruits infused into a variety of recipes we also have an eclectic mixture of house-made and house-created foods for your enjoyment. Our house-made sour cream biscuits go perfectly with the wide variety of jams, jellies, honey, and apple butter we use, (check out our store page where these are available). As you taste Chef Rae's flaky pastry crust with her unique combinations of house-made mini quiche it will be sure to tempt your taste buds into coming back for more.