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Order Plants for Delivery or Pick Up

Over the last few years, we have received requests for specific plants and shrubs to fulfill your landscaping needs. We now have the capability to assist you with getting plants. This will provide you with an avenue to customize your order, whether you are handling a new build or completing a project on your property or just want to find that perfect plant. This includes perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses in a list below.  You can take a look at our list and google the scientific names to understand.  If you don't understand how big a tree is or could be please look at this link

Keep in mind we have limited species on location at our farm, but work with nurseries to special order nearly any species you are interested in.  Also be advised Early Spring and Fall are best tree planting times.  Shrubs and Perennials can be installed all year, but pay attention to watering.

We will be updating you with what's available with our inventory list (below).  Click on the order form link below to request the plants you want.


Delivery information:

Same week delivery - minimum purchase $1,000

Next available date delivery - minimum purchase $300


Delivery $200 (within 10 miles) $2 each additional mile

Pickup $75


You can always stop by or contact our store if you have a smaller need as it is normally stocked with a variety of annuals, perennials and small plants throughout the spring/summer/fall season.

We are pleased to include this service in 2024 and moving forward.

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