You Pick Flower Farm

Pick your flowers, at different options, and prices with us!

All flowers are wrapped at purchase, and vases are available in the shop for you to purchase 

You Pick Flower Pricing

Sunflowers $4/stem

 $4.00/ stem

Fillers $1/stem

$0.50/ stem

Zinna $2/stem

$0.70/ stem

All other varieties $3/stem


baby breath.jpg
Mixed Zinna.jpg
iron apricot stock seed.jpg
iron cherry stock seed.jpg
sunflower white nite.jpg
Sunflower White lite.jpg
sunflower plum.jpg
sunflower red.jpg
sun flower pro cut lite.jpg
sunflower red lemon.jpg
bi color.jpg
Orange Sunflower.jpg
russian sage.jpg
pastel mix.jpg
stock seed mix.jpg
iron rose stock seed.jpg
vintage brown stock seed.jpg
Chabaud la france.jpg
Chabaud Benigna.jpg
Echinacea Purpuera.jpg
pincushion mix.jpg
larkspur mix.jpg
vintage white strawflower.jpg
copper red strawflower.jpg
purple red strawflower.jpg

Bouquet Sizes Pre Picked Options

Small: 7-10 Stems $12

Medium:10-15 stems $15

Large: 15-20 stems $25

X-Large: 20-25 stems $30