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Book your field trip with Driving Wind Farm!

Bee Education: Educating your students about bees, and how they are important to our environment.

Wagon Ride: A learning experience about our farm, a bit of  history, and a tour!

Student Lunch Options:

1) Ham and cheese sandwich, (seasonal side), and your choice of water or juice. $4.00/Student

2) Peanut Butter and Jelly, (seasonal side), and your choice of water or juice. $3.50/Student

Seasonally we offer $3 6oz cups for kids to pick berries in. This is only offered during Blackberry season.

Prices vary per group, or activity. Please call us for booking details.

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At Driving Wind Berry Farm, we offer a unique experience that combines learning and fun. Our farm provides field trips and educational services for children and adults. Visitors will learn the history of the farm, and the importance of sustainable farming.

We offer a wide variety of berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Whether you are a family looking for a educational activity or a school looking for a field trip opportunity, our You Pick Berry Farm has something for everyone. Come and join us for a fun and educational experience.

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We’re passionate about creating an experience that’s both educational and enjoyable. Our berry field is more than just a place to pick some of the freshest and sweetest berries around - it’s also home to our bee education program and wagon rides around the farm.

We strive to provide a unique and interactive experience to all our visitors. Come join us and learn more about our bees and the amazing ecosystem of our farm.

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